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La version 2016 de la série d'ordinateurs portables Apple destinés aux professionnels. Dispose d'un écran Retina de 15 pouces, d'une résolution de 2880 sur 1800 pouces, processeur quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 / 512 Go /1 To / 2 To en options de stockage, RAM de 16 Go et un clavier équipé deTouch Bar. Sorti en novembre 2016. Numéro de modèle A1707.

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LCD screen broken with water - what to do?


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Water in my LSD. what to do here?

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Turn off the computer and disconnect the battery. Set it somewhere to dry for 48 hours, or until the water is completely gone. Do not power on the computer until the water is completely gone or you risk damaging other components. If the problem persists for more than 3 days, I would replace the LCD.

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You can't replace the LCD alone you need to replace the full assembly MacBook Pro 15" Retina (Late 2016-2019) Display Assembly. I hope you're sitting down as its quite costly.

Hopefully you don't have any water in the main case that would be bad!


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Turn it off, disconnect all leads etc and place it in a container of uncooked RICE & leave for at least 24hrs.

The rice will act as an asborbent & will soak up most of the water which remains

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Sorry guy, This is an urban legion! Rice is no better than stale bread or a dry sponge ;-} Rice or silica gel will only pull moisture out of the air it won't pull it out of a device.

You need to pull the unit apart to mop up the wetness or just replace the part.

Here some heat or a vacuum might drive the moisture out thats about the best you could do as the display can't be opened effectively.


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