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The Oster model BVST-EK5967 is a digital electric kettle produced under the Oster brand.

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Noises when heating up?

sounds like the kettle will blow up before the water is boiled??

anyone experience these noises, don’t want it to blow up!!!

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Try descaling the kettle and see if this reduces the noise level.

Pour a cup of vinegar into the kettle and then fill the rest of the kettle to the maximum water level mark with water.

Turn on the kettle and allow it to boil and auto switch off.

Don’t overfill it as the water rises, due to the vinegar, and it may come out of the spout/lid as it nears boiling point. So be careful if you are near it.

Once it is off, switch off the power at the outlet (or unplug it) and allow it to stand for 2-3 hours or overnight.

After this, empty the kettle and rinse with clean water. Boil a new full kettle of water and then empty and it should be ready for future use.

Hopefully it will also be quieter.

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