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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Ummm it says in red on the top iPod disabled connect to iTunes

Ummm it won’t restart cause it says iPod disabled connect to iTunes and I can’t find how to get the password off and get it connected to iTunes.

if anyone with the same problem has fixed it or if you are a technician that works with apple or knows about it, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Any sort of possible fix I will appreciate and try.

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You’ll need to restore the iPod in order to use the iPod again, there is no way to get data off that once it’s disabled.

Turn off the iPod while the charging cable is plugged in from computer to iPod. Once it’s off press and hold the home button then use the power button to turn the iPod on while holding the home button.

Once you get the iTunes logo you can stop holding the home button and then do a restore as prompted by iTunes. If the firmware download takes more than 15 minutes the iPod will kick itself out of recovery mode, you’ll just need to put it into recovery mode again to do the restore when the firmware is downloaded.

If you need more info visit this link:

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