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La Magic Mouse est une souris multi-touch fabriquée et vendue par Apple. Elle a été annoncée et vendue pour la première fois le 20 Octobre 2009.

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Replace with better laser bulb

This is a shot in the dark. I understand that Logitech has developed this new (2009 - jseus fck!) tracking tech that it calls “Darkfield”, so it can track on pretty much any surface, i.e. glossy or clear glass surfaces.

Anyone know if it would be possible to extract the tracking sensors in a logitech mouse and transpose it into a magic mouse?

I want my mouse to match my mac, but the magic mouse tracking sucks, even after the release of magic mouse 2.

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The tracking is really no different in any of the laser mice. All work off of the micro reflections of the surface you are using. The dark field mouse doesn’t track any differently, it’s designed to work on a clear glass surface unlike the other mice. Logitech - Tracking Technology

Dust can interfere with the tracking as well using a cotton swab clean the lens carefully as you don’t want to scotch it either.

As for your direct question swapping the LED units around, sorry just not possible as the plastic lenses and fixture as well as the circuitry are not the same.

I would make the investment for a good mouse pad which has fine textures for better tracking.

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