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The Chevrolet Blazer was one of the most popular SUVs for five consecutive decades, though its name was shared by two completely unrelated model lines. Chevrolet first started affixing the "K5 Blazer" designation to two-door convertible SUV versions of its big trucks starting in 1969.

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When my headlights turn on at night dashlights go out

When my auto lights turn on at night my dashlights my radio and the temp gauge above all go out black. Its a 99 chevy blazer I have done tons on internt research seems like happends alot but noone gives a straight answer to how they fixed it please help!!!

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Are you sure you don’t have the dash lights dimmed all the way to the off position? On the left side of the dash next to the headlight switch there should be a gray wheel you can rotate up for brighter dash lights or down to dim or turn off the dash lights. If you rotate it up until it clicks the interior dome light will come on. Try rotating that wheel at night time with your headlights on and see if they work after that. If not you have to check the dash light fuse. Reply if it does not work and I will see if I have another answer for you.

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