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Support and repair information for the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker.

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I Can t charge my device

My device is amazfit pace 2 and i cant charge it

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Please elaborate your issue, why you are unable to charge it. Do you have the charger for this device.


Yes but i tried with other chargers and original but i cant charge the device


Yes, Also I have this issue. How to charge it


I have already gave the solution. Please check for dirt accumulation on the connector point of Fitness Tracker & charger. Try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol & pointed tooth-stick (please don’t use any metal object). Once cleaning is done try charging your device; hope this should solve the issue.


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There are two contact points on MI band and the charger, clean these points with some alcohol (hand sanitizer), use earbud or small cotton ball. Please let me know if this fixes your issue.

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