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iPad Pro Not Charging With Certain Chargers

Hello Everyone,

I have an iPad pro 10.5 running iOS 12 and it worked well but i bought an apple genuine lightning cable as a replacement from my old broken one and i tried it on my iPhone And It Charged Fine But When I Plugged it in to my iPad it just won’t detect that it’s charging why?

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There's a lot you can try on your own before contacting Apple for help.

One of the first and easiest things to try is a forced restart.

Switch outlets or ports, in case there’s an electrical or other problem occurs in your regular outlet or port.

If there's no problem with the iPad, and no problem with the power source, you need to check the cable in-between., then try a different cable.

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Whats the correct wattage for the AC adapter for an iPod pro 10.5 model A1709.

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