The Motor has stopped

The motor seems to have stopped and it's over heating. How do I troubleshoot this problem.

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Hi @rlh781 ,

Does the motor restart after it has cooled down?

Does the fridge ever reach the set temperature so that the compressor can switch off or is it running all the time? (check first thing in the a.m. as the fridge has had all night to get to the set temps without the door being opened and the cold air being let out (or the warmer air in, whichever you like)

if it never reaches the set temps and the compressor is running all the time trying to drive down the temp can you hear if the evaporator fan is running. It is behind a panel in the fridge and will stop when the door is opened and start again when the door is shut. You may have to place an ear against the fridge to hear it stop and start when you open and close the door.


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