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La mise à jour de mars 2015 du Macbook Pro 13" avec écran Retina d'Apple, modèle A1502, présente la cinquième génération de processeurs Intel Core i5 et i7 et introduit le trackpad Force Touch.

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Backlight stops working, intermittent. What can I do?

I have the MacBook Pro 13 RETINA A1502 2015

and the motherboard is at bottom.

Laptop works fine, then after a while, the screen goes out. I an see the screen if light is shown through the apple etc, so there is content, but no light. Then I open the back cover and press on the corner in upper right area where you see the display connection and also undo that clip and put back. Then the laptop works again for few days. Then light goes out. Is there some small part I can replace? or something I can do on that motherboard? I don't see any rusty areas or loose connections, it all looks fine but I assume a loose connection somewhere. Trying to solve without having to get new logic board.

Thanks for your help

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Maybe a part broken solder joint, sometimes a bump can do that, or it’s a failure in the backlight circuitry, not very common but nothing is really perfect on this planet, we reached the moon half a century ago and saw a shuttle bursting in the sky over thirty years later. Intermittent failures are the worst to deal with, but in any case it seems a board issue. You’ll probably need a logic board repair or replacement which, given today’s screen prices is not the worst alternative.

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maybe the ccfl light or whatever it is is damaged or you blew a fuse

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Yes, whatever..uh..


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