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High-end Fire OS 5 tablet released by Amazon in 2015. Features a 10.1" HD display and MediaTek quad-core processor.

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Kindle Fire 10 2017 fix gone wrong, need help locating correct parts

Battery broke for my 7th gen Kindle Fire HD 10. Long story short: I broke the screen whilst trying this repair. So I need a new battery and screen.

On opening the device I discovered that my device looked nothing like all the tutorials. I am assuming this is because all tutorials are for the 5th gen.

Indeed, I discovered that I had obtained the wrong battery (5th gen) and am now struggling to locate the right screen or find any information on how it should be replaced.

I have located this: - this looks the most correct but I really have no idea.

Any help would be appreciated (would also be happy to take some words of advice on how not to screw up removing the screen).

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Hi @hogfeast ,

What is the model number printed on the back cover of the tablet?

If there is one there, if you search online for "(insert model number) battery" and then “(insert model number) LCD screen” you should get suppliers for the correct parts.

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