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A gaming laptop released in Asus's G74 Republic of Gamers series in 2011.

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usb 3.0 not talking with devices connected to it

the usb 3.0 port still has power but any device connected to it

will not talk with the computer

any know how to fix this

as give me some idea


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Couple of things to check:

a) Check in BIOS to see if the USB has not been disabled.

Press F2 on startup to enter BIOS go the the Security tab and then select the USB interface security option.

If it is disabled, enable it, save the changes, exit BIOS and restart the laptop.

b) Go to Device Manager and check the status of the USB 3.0 controller. If there is a yellow exclamation mark against the entry, right click on it, select update drivers and follow the prompts.

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Have you checked to make sure you have the correct driver installed? What os are you using? If you have the right drivers try uninstalling the device, also deleting the driver files then connect it again.

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