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Repair guides for the Sony Xperia L1, a 5.5" budget phone on the Android OS, released in June 2017. This smartphone is part of the Sony Xperia line of phones.

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Dead Pixels - Covered under warranty?


I have just received my brand-new Xperia L1, and I have just noticed there is a dead pixel near the middle of the screen.

Would I be covered under warranty for this, or would I have to replace the screen myself? And would replacing the screen fix this?


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Since it is brand new, my view is that the product is faulty and should be replaced or repaired under warranty but check what is says in the warranty (if anything)

In the phone go to Settings > About phone > Legal information.

If there is nothing mentioned regarding their dead pixel policy, contact Sony (select your location) and ask them.

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It is important to record a video without cut scenes or change of camera angle while unboxing any new item. Since mostly dead pixels are caused by mechanical damage and sometimes manufacturing defect, it’s tough to prove that you didn’t cause the damage yourself. But if you recorded a video…

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