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14 inch laptop with model number M2C62UA#ABA.

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I spilled Nail Polish remover on the right side of the keyboard...

It only happened maybe 40 minutes ago, it spilled around the arrow keys up to the delete button. It turns on and everything but when I'm typing the | line keeps jumping to the beginning of the paragraph or sentence. I assume maybe its not completely dry? Hopefully…

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Are used acetone to get Something off my computer key board and it spilt every where! The Whole top row, the f, g, h, j keys don’t work, and the v, b, n, m along with many side buttons. What do I do?!


@Kendall Rudow

See the Chosen Solution below.


My keyboard is left with white stains of nail polish remover how to remove the stains??

Please help me 🙏


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Hi @noobious ,

Turn off the laptop, disconnect the power (if connected) and remove the battery from the laptop.

This will prevent any further damage from occurring.

Allow a suitable time for the remover to dry (or evaporate) and then reconnect the battery and turn on the laptop and try the keys once or twice only to see if it is OK or not.

If not then you may have to replace the keyboard as when trying to clean/repair keyboards. you can cause more problems than what you originally had.

Here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

It will help you to remove the top cover to get to the keyboard (the keyboard is part of the top cover).

On p.18 you will find the part numbers for the top cover/keyboard (it should also be printed on the underside of the top cover or keyboard in your laptop.

If you search online using the part number only in the search box of your browser, you’ll get results for suppliers of the part.

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first remove the battery and power,

Use the hair dryer heat, blow it on the keyboard keys where you have spill,

or keep it under direct sun

after you see/feel(by pressing the keys) if it is dry , check by pressing the keys

connect the battery or power and check

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um how do you remove qa medium size acetone stain from an hp laptop? i spilled some o the top of the laptop so there shouldn't be any internal damage just need to know how to remove the stain. please help me


@Kara Robinson use baby cologne with a cotton


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