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Mis sur le marché en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 15", modèle A1990, est muni d'un écran de 15,4 pouces avec rétroéclairage LED et technologie True Tone et d'un processeur 6-core i7.

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Replace screen and touch ID board

Hi there,

I recently made the dumb mistake of spilling coffee ( mixed with butter and coconut oil) on my mac. It works, but the left life of my screen is stained and the touch bar isn’t working anymore.

Took to the Apple store and they provided me with the following quote to repair.

Block Image

*I haven’t had them open it up yet *

My question is, is it possible to repair this at home at this time? Order parts? Or am I SOL and should I get Apple to do it…


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Please consider that being a 2018 Mac, most working boards are probably nicely working inside Macbooks cheerfully covered by manufacturer warranty. A few here and there might have suffered accidental damages such as yours, but I would think that if the board was still working after that, it would have been worth fixing the Mac. I believe your problem here, hard to overcome, would be finding suitable parts on the market.

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I’d contact my insurance agent to see if it is covered by my home owners or tenant owner insurance policy.

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Ouch! Almost $2,715 which is very close to the price of a new system $2,800!!

As far as the need for a new logic board or uppercase (keyboard./touchpad) would depend on how much leaked in. You might be able to clean the logic board but any damage in the keyboard. or touchpad will require a new upper case. Getting an uppercase assembly will be difficult.

Some of the items on the list are things you can do! You could replace the Touch Bar its a bit of work but doable. The display while it's not to difficult to swap out, getting a working display will be hard as they are so new. The 2016/17 model displays are not inter-changeable with the 2018 model.

Even still it’s a crapshoot in the end. Having the skills to fix your system, access to the parts (maybe take a good six months to get them) the cost of the parts still might be as high as Apples. And lastly not having use of your system for the duration.

This is where it may make sense to just buy a new system as hard as that is to say. Then when you can afford to replace the parts on your damaged system and resell it to recoup some of the cost or just sell it for parts.

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have you replace parts before ? are you able to see the guides and do ? if yes you can if not don't do it.

did you check with a other places which repair apple products like computer shops

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