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How do I connect these video cables?

I'm installing some new security cameras where our old ones were. One is on a brick wall, with wires being run through where they drilled through the brick/grout. The previous installation had the cables exposed, but the new camera is built to hide them in the wall, so I needed to push the cable back into the wall.

However, it looks like the original installer ran plain cable through the hole they drilled in the brick, then attached a BNC connector to the end. This makes the hole too small to get the connector back through. I couldn't widen the hole with the cable still in it, of course, so I cut the connectors off the end of it and the new camera and fished it up through so I could connect them inside.

Here's where I'm confused: the original cable is coax (used with bnc connector). The new cable on the camera (also with bnc connector on the end) just has a small blue wire and small yellow wire inside. Which wire goes to which part of the coax, if I'm splicing them together? I tried both ways (yellow to braided, blue to internal, and vice versa) and neither worked (I'm running all new wire now but had to stop for the day), but I am afraid trying it the wrong way may have fried something? I'm no expert but get by with YouTube’s help most of the time, but I haven't seen anything that will explain this.

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Can you point us to the camera unit you are working with: Make & Model


Sure, they are zosi cameras (from Amazon).

Bought them here:

Not sure it'll help; I've never heard of the brand before. Haha.


I have a feeling as if it is analogue, a video balun is needed


@chriskeeley post some good pictures of your camera's wiring as well as the wiring on your house etc., with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante


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OK guys I got it. I'm in US, but apparently in other countries, yellow is positive and blue is negative, according to Dr. Google.

I connected yellow to inner, blue to outer, and it works! I did the same yesterday, but on the old cable. Apparently that cable was bad. Now to get wire nuts that will fit on such small wires...

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Looking at the pictures the cameras have two lines: the video line BNC (Blue) and a power line RCA plug, 12 Volts DC (Red).

Where did you disconnect the cable within the camera or did you just cut off the connector? What did you do with the power line? Hopefully, you didn’t damage it.

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