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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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help me to fix my phone pls

Hello ..

i have samsung s6 edge + ( sm-g928f ) i love this device and been using it since 3 years ..

yesterday i wonted to root it but couldn't so i road about that and i had to turn off the OEM

after root was every thing good until i enable OEM and restart the device ..

it stak in boot screen with red line ( Binary Blocked by FRP Lock on )

i didn't knew what i should do so i try every thing i know to backup the file i couldn't ,,

finally i fleshed a stocked ROM from Sammobiel and plug it in the charging cable and installed every thing i need from store ..

after that Evey time i unplug the phone from phone 10 sec freeze and turn off so i flashed second time another ROM and third from sammobile

if the phone was unplug and i turn it on when i get the phone menu restart immediately

i tried safe mode the same

what i the problem is it from firmware of from device ( ic ,battery , charging port or .. )

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It’s usually either wrong firmware was flashed on the phone or phone was not factory reset in recovery mode after flashing.

SM-G928F, make sure that the firmware is the latest version for your phone as well. Try factory resetting first and see how that goes in recovery mode.

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i downloaded the last firmware but always turn off when i unplug the charger after 10 sec idn what i should do :(


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