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Repair information for the official Sony-brand wireless headset for the PlayStation 3. This headset features virtual 7.1 surround sound, and has model number CECHYA-0080.

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3.7V 1500mAh 583460 Li-ion

Hello, I’d like to change out my super awesome ps3 wireless headset battery as my usage time has dropped from 10 hours or so to 5 hours. The old is 3.7v 570mah LIP1472 battery and perhaps 8 years old with hundreds of charges. The 3.7V 1500mAh 583460 Li-ion is slightly larger than the original (3mm longer (L) and 1 mm thicker (D), while 4 mm narrower (W)) and I can modify the unit for the size difference. I am hoping to get double the “new product” usage rate at maybe 20 hours per charge. Would this battery work in this application?

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Paul did you ever get this issue resolved? I watched the only video online but did not see the battery after he removed the circuit board, Any idea where it is? How is your replacement battery working? I see the link no longer has the battery avaiable.


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Hi @paulcheeba ,

Normally LiPo batteries are charged at 4.2V whereas Li-ion batteries are charged at 4.1V so if the charging circuit in the headset is designed for LiPo batteries it may reduce the lifespan of a Li-ion battery as the charging will be at a higher voltage than what the battery was designed for.

There is a lot of info online regarding charging Li-ion batteries using a charger (or charging circuit) designed for LiPo batteries. Some say that it makes no difference, others disagree.

What they all seem to agree on is that if you can select the correct charging voltage (usually they are talking about using external adjustable chargers) then do so.

If you can get a suitably sized LiPo battery with increased capacity it may be the way to go.

You also have to remember that if you increase the capacity not only will it last longer, it will also take longer to charge ;-)

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Thanks for the reply, the battery I purchased is listed as a LiPo battery so I hope it all works well.


Hi @paulcheeba ,

Bit confused as you stated that it was a 583460 Li-ion battery unless you changed your mind

Li-Ion is short for Lithium Ion and Li-Po for Lithium Polymer, the -Po or -Ion ending refers to the cathode. A Li-Po battery has a polymer cathode and a solid electrolyte, while Li-ion has a carbon cathode and a liquid electrolyte.

So I'm not quite sure how they can list a battery - example only like this. It can't be both

I would query the seller as to what type it actually is.


Sorry, I didn't know if it was cool to post links here. This is the battery I purchased:

uxcell® Power Supply DC 3.7V 1500mAh 583460 Li-ion Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Li-Po Battery


I asked the seller for more details. Strangely enough I searched everywhere for a replacement battery for the PS3 headset and only found a few DIY replacement instruction videos, no actual product. Then after much more research of others comments, I purchase this battery. Immediately afterwards, Amazon pops up 10 variations of the Li-Po battery made as a replacement for the LIP1472. I hope the seller confirms this is a Li-Po battery or else I'll need a refund and order the other listing (it's cheaper and has even more capacity).

Everydaysource For SONY PS3 Controller Replacement Battery

Thank you again for your support.


I cancelled the order and instead ordered these:

2 for $15 CAD and even more capacity.

Thank you again for your advice. I will post one final reply to review the quality of the product for the next person who is looking to replace their batteries for their PS3 wireless headset.


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I don’t understand what were you guys going on about.

The default battery that comes with the headset is Li-ion, the LIP in the model is just part of the name.

The one Paul originally purchased and then cancelled might have been Li-Po, and it would be better not to use those.

The one he did end up buying is Li-ion, not Li-po as he said in his latest update.

And all that information is literally in the descriptions and labels of said batteries. Be careful and read attentiously when purchasing your batteries, people.

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