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3D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974

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My Rubik cube has misplaced corners/middle parts...

My Rubik cube is scrambled with its pieces (corners/middle parts) and I don’t want to disassemble it and do it by piece I just want an solvers for fixing it, since the auto solvers will show an error saying “unsolvable misplaced parts” and I can’t do the screwdriver way which is disassembling it.

I would like someone to take the current placements of them and show an solution if possible, I want different simpler ways of fixing it and not an fuss I ain’t being lazy but I don’t fix well when comes to these tools since I either damage it or it goes crazy.

If you do find an solution, thank you very much.

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I would recommend you review this doc Basic Concepts of the Rubik's Cube

If thats not working just buy some Rubik's Cube 3x3 Replacement Stickers

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