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Lancé en mars 2017, le Moto G5 inclut une caméra arrière de 13 mégapixels, un écran de 5 pouces avec une résolution de 1920 sur 1080 pixels et le système d'exploitation Android 7.0 (Nougat). S'identifie aux numéros de modèle XT1675 et XT1676.

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How do I change the charging port on a moto g5

Charging port is loose and phone is charging slowly, would welcome solutions.

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Have the same problem. I think it`s difficoult to change it so I will buy a new phone and just transfear the sim-card


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It is soldered to the board on the G5 Plus, but the G5 just needs a new lower board to fix it. We didn’t get the version you choose on the device page in the US, so you have a Plus if you didn’t import or bought it in a country it’s native to. Depending on how brave you are, it isn’t a job for a novice to attempt unless you are willing to risk the phone as a unit.

If you can’t handle component level work, get a few quotes from repair shops on how much it’ll cost and compare it to a Moto G7 off and on sale that’s factory unlocked. For the non Plus, refer to this guide to change the board. For the Plus, it may total out the phone since you need a board or component level repair. In the US, the G7 usually goes for ~$300 unlocked. I know Best Buy offers a $50 discount for in-store activation here (US), but it’s scope is limited to first time buyers primarily - which is very few unlocked phone customers since most buy them as upgrades or replacements. I've also heard of people getting the Best Buy universal iPhones locked through it unless they start with a Verizon SIM. Spend the extra $50 to avoid having your full price phone SIM locked. Not worth the hassle and handle the activation yourself - I set mine up without the SIM and then switched it over. The Android phones may be safe but better to be sure.

The non-Plus G5 is also pretty dated since it uses the Snapdragon 430 while the Plus uses a 625 (G7 uses a 632) - but if you’re happy with it and the repair is cheap it may make sense. The G5 Plus isn’t bad as a used upgrade outside of the RAM gap on the phones (32GB/2 or 64GB/4) and Amazon Prime phones with the ads left intact and NOT removed for free (You may need to be the original owner to do it). The problem with most professional quotes is the used prices total them out easily unless you’re a DIYer. At this point a lot of people are probably buying G7’s as upgrades due to Black Friday/Cyber Monday so you may be able to get a Plus 64GB for a very good price due to supply and demand.

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