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Warning sign, no wifi no activation


i bought a iphone x with very damage screen. (Only screen and black area)

when i changed the screen, internal part seem normal and untouched. I can’t tell if the screen was the original one.

When i connect a new screen (without front earpiece flex), the phone was in dfu mode.

after restoring it with itune , a message was there iPhone couldn’t be activated because missing activation data.

When i try to activate it manually, the wifi request is empty.

i have this strange sign on top right of the screen

Block Image

any advice ?

Phone history is unknown

thank you

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1 solution

The iPhone X is a two layered board. The CPU is on the top layer and the baseband is on the bottom layer. The CPU reads the activation data from the baseband. If the phone has had a decent impact with the ground some of the solder joints between the top and bottom layer may have become cracked causing oxidisation and open lines. The only thing I could suggest is taking it to a repair shop and have them split the board and put it into a test fixture and see if you get the same message.

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