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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Mac mini won't turn on


when I plug my Mac mini in the Mac turns on but after a few minutes (1, 2) it turns of randomly and when I hit the power button the Mac will not turn on so when I cycle the power (unplug and plug in again) the Mac wil sometimes (2 out of 8 times) but for like 5 seconds max whats wrong with the computer can someone help???

Update (07/07/2019)

after a few days of not trying the Mac won't turn on again at all but when I plug In a usb light thats turns on but the Mac doesn't not even the fan turns

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Lets try this can you press and hold the T key when you restart your system. Basically we want to see if the system will go into Target Disk Mode.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

If it does go into TDM let it run for awhile (an half hour is more than enough). Try going into Diagnostics this time holding the D key.

Let us know what you find!

Update (07/07/2019)

We its starting to should like your logic board has failed here. Here’s the needed replacement board you’ll need Mac Mini Logic Board - 2.4GHz - GeForce 320M (2010) - Recycled and here’s the guide to put it in Remplacement de la carte mère du Mac Mini mi-2010

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d mode isn't supported when I run cmd+r recovery mode the Mac stays on for 5 minutes and dies after


now after a few minutes the Mac will turn on for 20 seconds and then turn off again


Did you try the T key?

We're using functions that are in the systems firmware not the recovery.


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