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Sorti en avril 2010 / Processeur Intel Core i5 2.4, 2.53 GHz ou Intel Core i7 2.66, 2.8 GHz

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Swap the board for a 2012?

Hi, I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch with the 2.8GHz i7, and I was wondering if I could swap the board for a 2012 15 inch unibody board. The performance in mine is fine for me, but I really want the 2012 board because it supports 16GB of ram. Thanks (Also I know I would have to buy a new battery and im willing to do that as mine only lasts like 40 minutes anyways)

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Beside the battery that has a different connector the only part not matching is the WiFi/bluetooth flat cable that is slightly misaligned and with different lenght. However it’s an inexpensive and easy to replace part that won’t make much of a difference in the overall upgrading costs.

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Is the display connector the same? In some A1278s I've seen some connectors that have the rectangle base style and the newer style ones with the different slightly bent curved flaps.


@benjamen50 You're right, with A1278 a swap wouldn't be possible because of different LVDS cable to start with, but also Wifi/Bt and camera cables would be a no-go. With 2010 i5/i7 in A1286 and later quadcores everything is basically the same..there is only a very tiny difference in LVDS connector width that can be fixed with just a touch of sand paper beside the flat cable I mentioned.


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