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Repair information for graphic tablets. Graphic tablets are also known as digitizers, drawing tablets, drawing pads, digital drawing tablets, pen tablets, or digital artboards.

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Ugee M708 Cursor Freezing

I have an Ugee M708 that freezes the cursor only on Windows.

On Mac it works without problems?

Any ideas how to fix?

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Have you go the latest M708 Windows drivers, that were released on 15.02.2019, installed on your Windows computer?

Update (06/25/2019)


You never mentioned at first that you had a Version 1 tablet.

Did you try the following driver that is in the list of drivers in the link above, if you’re using a Win 8 or Win10 computer with the tablet, that is?

TEST DRIVER 2018 (1709 &1803 of Windows 10, Windows 8)

Test driver for G3/M708(2048)/M1000L/HK1060 pro/HK1560/UG-1910B/UG-2150 (1709 of Windows 10, Windows 8, it's the test version, please let us know if any bug)


It mentions M708(2048) which I think indicates that it is for V1 tablets.

If that doesn’t work you may have to contact Ugee and ask them.

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But i have the version 1 Ugee M708 that doesn’t have 8192 pressure levels,


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