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Why does my thermal fuse keep blowing?

It blows once a month or about every 8-10 loads of laundry. If it's not an airflow issue what could it be?

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Samsung dryer keeps blowing thermo fuse bypass for now ordered new one clean exhaust ducts what else should I look at someone said blower wheel!!!!!


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IR Thermometer

If you did not find any obvious problems in the exhaust vent system to the outside of the home, then I recommend conducting the following test:

Before replacing the thermal fuse again, try these steps:

Unplug the dryer to disconnect electrical power.

Temporarily tape the two wires that go to the thermal fuse together to essentially "bypass" or "jump" the thermal fuse. Use electrical tape to properly insulate the connection and avoid contact of bare wire contacts with the dryer cabinet. NOTE: Do not leave the thermal fuse bypassed following this temporary diagnostic test. The thermal fuse is an essential safety component that must normally be in place to safely run the dryer.

Reassemble the dryer and plug it back in.

Fill the dryer with a medium load of wet laundry.

Clean the lint screen and make sure it is properly in place in the lint screen housing.

Pull the flexible exhaust vent hose off of the back of the dryer so that it will vent directly into the laundry room.

Position the dryer so that you can measure the temperature of the exhaust air from the middle of the vent in the back of the dryer with an accurate thermometer.

Start the dryer on a timed cycle with high heat.

Measure the temperature of the air coming out of the middle of the exhaust vent behind the dryer.

The dryer should heat up to about 150 degrees. The heating element should then shut off until the temperature decreases 15 to 20 degrees. The element should then cycle back on. The dryer should continue to cycle between about 130 to 150 degrees.

If the dryer heats up way past 150 degrees, then you will likely need to replace the operating thermostat that is right beside the thermal fuse. You could also have a heating element that is shorted to the cabinet and heating constantly.

NOTE: Stop the dryer if it heats past 180 degrees. Do not let it continue to run and heat past this temperature.

If the dryer is cycling properly with the vent hose disconnected, then the likely cause of your thermal fuse blowing is the vent duct system to the outside of the home.

NOTE: Be sure to replace the thermal fuse before running the dryer beyond this temporary component test.

NOTE: If you are not completely confident in your technical ability to safely conduct this test, then I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair the dryer.

Image IR Thermometer


IR Thermometer


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Unfortunately, the dryer I inherited when I bought my home had this very thing done. I didn't know someone taped those two wires together. Lucky for me, nothing bad happened until the dryer began failing and I had to remove the back to investigate. I found the thermal fuse wires taped together with electrical tape. I can't be sure if this caused other things to go wrong with it eventually but I'm very grateful it didn't cause a fire. Remember people what he said. This is a temporary fix to test. Do not leave them that way because you think it fixed the problem.


Degrees... C or F?


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Amanda Schulz  there is more to airflow than a vent and exhaust. Always double check the blower wheel/motor to ensure you have proper air for the airflow. Also check the cycling thermostat which can cause the dryer to overheat. We would need your exact make and model for more detailed instructions.

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Whirlpool model number WED4815EW1


My Amana does the same. I repaired everything it could be and it quit heating again.


@cynj825 what model is your Amana and exactly what is it doing/not doing? What have you repaired? Have you checked the heating element?


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Hi @aliberti

What is the model number of the dryer?

Don't know Samsung but a lot of dryers have a high limit thermostat that should operate to turn off the heater element at a preset maximum high temperature and then turn it on again when the temperature drops to a preset lower temperature again.

The thermal fuse is a safety backup which is designed to prevent a fire from occurring by disconnecting the power, if the thermostats fail. There usually are other temperature sensors as well to detect lower temperatures for different cycle options, delicates etc but there should also be a high limit one.

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When turning the dial for heat swatting it say -1,-2,-3,-4 on huebsch MODEL NO. HT050NQTB1G1W01 SERIAL NO. 0607008670


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