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Broken phone how do I recover data

I broke my phone 3 days ago completely broken! I got the exact same phone yesterday. How do I pass the picture from my old phone to the new phone! Someone please help! Is my old phone fixable??!!

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Take it to a reputable local phone repair shop and get them to transfer the data from the old broken phone to the new one.

They'll have a replacement screen ready to temporarily plug and and do a data recovery with.

If data is important this is not something I would attempt myself if I wasn't a phone repair tech.

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I dont know what u did to cause that so not sure if I should recommend a repair, however first thing to try would be a new screen, not sure if u still have the home button and the top camera flex seems torn as well.

Remplacement de l'écran de l'iPhone 7

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I think you should repair your iPhone first, caz it is badly damaged. You can try Bitwar iPhone data recovery to restore the data from it.

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