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Le premier modèle d'iPhone, modèle A1203 avec 4 ou 8 Go de stockage, et coque en aluminum. Les réparations sont souvent basées sur le principe du levier et peuvent demander de la soudure quelques fois.

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Will ipohn 3g screen digitizer be comatable with iPhone 1st gen

I can't find a glass screen digitizer for iphone 1st gen for lower than 58$, when glass digitizers for iphone 3g cost 4$ if i buy 3g glass digitzer..will it work on iphone 1st g?

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No. The iPhone 2G screen is glued to the digitizer, the 3G is not. In addition, different connectors and the locations are also different.

The issue with the 2G is it is a pain to service the bare screen so you may be better off with a donor you can move your boards and cameras to .

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Nick is right. Just buy the complete unit, or if the line of dead pixels isn't bad, put up with it, just change your battery.


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Hi sofia, let me get it right.

Some how your iphone 2g digitizer is not working?

You broke your iphone 2g's glass ? (but digitizer still works fine)

If that is the case, (glass broken and digitizer works) you can solve your problem very cheap (and i mean it). But... IT IS A @$*! OF A JOB (and i mean it).

Let me tell you: a couple of years ago, customers stop by my shop, almost crying holding an iphone 2g (brand new then) with broken glass.

Back then it was impossible to get the spare part, and when it became available, it was very expensive. (and still is)

Looking for a solution, i found this on the WEB: "original iphone 2 g cristal glass for only 2 USD" i could almost see a ray of light and hear heavenly music.

So i ordered 10 pieces, as soon as i got them, y realize 2things, 1st.- they looked like original, very thin and resistant. 2nd.- I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO DO THE JOB !!!

I found a Youtube video of a guy using a big knife to remove the glass from iphone 2g.

Inspired by him i took one big kitchen knife and started the job with very little and disapointed results. After trying like 10 different kinds of knife, i ended up very comfotable with my old swiz boy scout kind knife. After a while i had like half of an inch removed thinkin it was going to take forever, then i realized that on the sections were the glass was really broken i mean chipped in very small pieces it was a lot easier to introduce the knife shrarp edge by the tip. So i wished the whole glass were that way. Then i took another useless iphone screen i had and with a small rounded metal hammer started breaking the gass in to little pieces tapping on it with soft punches almost closing my eyes.

Let me tell you that worked just fine!

I have removed many iphone 2g glass pieces since then, it is a hand crafted &^@& of a job, fortunately people preffer to buy an iphone 3g ratter than pay me for Replacing the old iphone glass.

I guess the response to your post is: YES! THERE IS A VERY CHEAP SOLUTION if the digitizer still works.

Some tips to do it better:

DO NOT remove the metal frame from the display assembly.

CRUSH the glass very slowly with patience, if possible get an old not working iphone 2g display and practice.

DO NOT HAMMER TO CLOSE TO THE EDGES, i have broke a couple of LCD screesn that way.

USE A KNIFE That you feel comfortable with, and place masking tape around the sharp part that touches your hand. I did learn this the hard way :(

LEAVE THE CORNERS AND EDGES at the end, the edges are more suceptible to break, as you go removing chipped pieces of glass from the center you will finish the edges with no problem.

The glass is glued to the digitizer with a thick layer (.5 mm)of cristal clear silicone kind of glue. That you will feel how it cushions when you hammer the glass.

I wish you luck to everyone who try it. Like i said i have done it many times some times i messed it up but i guess is not my foult since i did not break it from the begining. :)

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thank you so much, i will definitely use your instructions if i do decide to go through with it. the lcd panel has a white vertical line ont eh left side of it, it doesn't really bother me. what bothers me is that the lcd OR the battery are making the back light of my phone really dark. most people on this site told me that its the battery's fault, not lcd's. so i might just change the battery..which also sounds like an pain in the a**.

got any tips on changing the battery? =)


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