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The LG Leon LTE smartphone is designed and manufactured by LG Electronics which comes with a hotspot application for tethering and many other Android apps.

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Phone does no read SIM cards

My Lg suddenly stopped reading SIM cards. I have another phone in which the SIM does work. I noticed the SIM tray has a tiny bends at the tip from where you slide in the SIM. Pretty sure that has something to do with it.

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Hi Wolfgang,

let’s try some solutions:

Cleaning the slot:

  • Remove your battery
  • Remove your SIM
  • Using some types of textil, try to clean up slot carefully! If it’s possible, use PCB Spray to clean it. Also, check if the pins are OK without any visibly damage (compare with a new slot) or corrosion.
  • Insert your SIM and boot your phone

Wiping cache

  • Turn OFF your phone
  • Press POWER UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons together to enable fast-boot option
  • Using volume buttons, navigate into the recovery menu
  • Choose “wipe-cache partition”

You can also make sure, that SIM card didn’t work in safe mode or airplane mode. You can check, if your phone did not change settings of preffered network like LTE, CDMA, GSM .

The hardware issue is preferred - start cleaning, CAREFULLY!

Let me know, if it’s ok or you need another solution.


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I took a close look and what happens is that as soon as you let go of the SIM card, it pushes back enough for the phone to not detect the SIM. I has happened multiple times in the past and been able to correct it, but this time I haven't been able to.

Note: I use a small SIM with a type of adapter for the big SIM tray.


Hi @Wolfgang847,

Can you contact your phone service provider and get a suitably sized replacement SIM card so that you don't need to use the adapter?

Most providers do this for free.


My dad bought it from Ebay so, I doubt it has a warranty.


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