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TCL smart TV .... Menu keep pop up on right side and it move to home page automatically.. It is in loop. Please tell me how to solve this.. see below image.

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Hi @anvesh54321 ,

Try removing the batteries from the TV’s remote control unit to check if the problem stops.

If it does there may be some stuck buttons on the remote.

What is the model number of the TV?


I already removed batteries from remote,but the problem still exists.

I already tried factory reset. But still no use. Model number is TCL L43P1US.



Hi @anvesh54321,

Can't find a manual for your model but if the TV has control buttons (usually on the side) check if there is a menu button there and operate it a few times to see if the problems continues or stops.

If it doesn't stop and if the TV is no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty, you may have to open the back (disconnect the power first)and see if the "control buttons" are connected to the mainboard by a cable. If so carefully disconnect the cable, (usually it is easier at the mainboard) and then reconnect to power and turn on the TV and check if the problem is there or not.

If it has stopped then you have a faulty control button board.


You have to remove the wire connecting the TV buttons to the motherboard, this will probably fix your problem but the buttons will become useless, first try what I said and if everything works fine then clean the buttons and retry.


Is this issue fixed? My hcl TV has same problem


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