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Toshiba Satellite laptop released in 2012, featuring a 17.3 inch screen and runs windows.

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Tried to get laptop in repair mode and now it won’t turn on

Hi there, really not a tech person but hopefully someone might have some answers here. So I have a toshiba satellite p875 s7200 and I’ve never had a problem with it. It runs on windows and recently it restarted to update, and like a dummy I shut it down when it was in the middle of this. So when I turned it back on, it just said “Undoing changes made to your computer” for 20 minutes. I looked up how to try to solve this, and what I found was to shut it down three times as it was trying to boot up in order to take it to some sort of repair/recovery mode. I did that, and now when I turn my laptop on, the power button turns on and the charging lights will come on, but the computer screen stays completely black. I tried turning it off and on several times and get the same results. Right now I have it turned on but it is completely black and has been that way for some time. Why did this happen, and is there any way for me to solve it without having to take it in to get looked at??

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Might want to try entering Safe Mode. You can potentially access it by repeated clicking on the F8 key immediately after the computer bootup logo is shown. Microsoft support might also be able to suggest something.


It doesn’t even get to the start up screen, it’s just black. Every time I’ve tried to press the f8 key, or any key, my laptop makes a really loud beeping noise. The laptop is running, it turns on and off, but nothing happens with the screen. I’m afraid I might have crashed my computer by starting it and restarting it so many times.


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Hi Mary,

Another way to access the Advanced Startup screen is by using a DVD or USB which contains your Windows installation media. Once you are in the Advanced Startup (Automatic Repair) menu, you can restore your system using restore points, which will bring your system back to the previous working state.

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