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Substitute graphic card of MBP4,1 15-inch with that of MBP4,1 17-inch?

The graphic card on the 15-inch (A1260) is dead but otherwise it was working. That of the 17-inch (A1261) is not, but many other things are not working. Is it possible to take out one and put in the other? According to MacTracker, both use the same type graphic card NVidia GeForce 8600 GT. Any information about doing this will be welcome.

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Ah well, too bad. But many thanks for the prompt response.


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The part is the same, however, these components don’t use traditional sockets, they’re soldered to the motherboard with a BGA. This is an extremely complicated repair, involving a lot of high-end equipment.

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Sadly, I faced the same problem a few years ago! With a tear rolling down my cheek I sent it to the recycler to be reborn!

Both the 15" & 17" models of this series had bad NVIDIA GPU's. This was a flip-chip design that hit a lot of companies that used this GPU at best estimates over 70% of the chips failed!

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