LG Stylo 4 Water damage repair

Hi, so recently I went to a waterpark and I was using my LG stylo 4 and I thought it had waterproofing so I took it with me when I went on a ride. After to two rides full of water, I noticed my phone screen had water damage so I stopped bringing the phone. Now like an idiot, when I went back to the hotel room I still used the phone for a couple days. When I finally went home (After 2 days) I placed my phone into rice and waited. Nothing really changed so I still used the phone. After 2 days of using the phone today, my phone would not turn on. I opened the phone and tried drying it off. What can I do? Please I can’t afford another phone.

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I thought my phone was waterproof then I thought I can go into the bathtub and take an underwater picture but then when I did it my phone got water in it screen and then after 2 days it wouldn't turn on


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