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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung 55" UHD television with model numbers UN55MU6290xxxx. Released in 2017.

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Wide vertical color line on the screen UN55MU6290

Block Image

update 1: Extra images of the line (same part of screen w/ different screen picture)


Block Image


update 2: Added video

video 1 (static background)

video 2 (active background)

I have one wide color line on my screen. Couple times is disapiers somehow but most of time is permanent. What I did already:

  • Disconnect the LCD Flex Ribbon. Clean each of the connections with a 99% isopropyl. (non-conductive alcohal) and reinstall them - didn’t help
  • I switch t-con Flex Ribbon from left side to right side - didn’t help also. So probably flex ribbons is ok.

By symptomatic - what chance that this is an issue with a t-con board? Or it is most probably an issue with flex ribbon to LCD?

I could replace board myself but most probably could do nothing flex ribbon to LCD.


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Hi @antonybord ,

You probably have a loose tab connection on the LCD panel itself.

Here’s a video that shows what I mean. I realize it is not your model but the principle is the same.

You will have to dis-assemble the screen to get access to the tabs. You could try gently pushing the tab back to see if it makes contact and holds otherwise it will mean a new panel.

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ok. I will try. Just one note - this color line inside the black line is not static. It's like parts of the original image. Which surprised me - I think in case of tab connection it should be like a vertical issue. No?


Hi @antonybord ,

Apologies. I missed that because I didn't zoom in on the picture you posted.

Since the majority is a black line it may be a case of two problems, the tabs and something else

You may still have to check the tabs since you've already changed over the cables from the TCON to the driver boards and it didn't move the problem


Thanks @jayeff !

I will try to do this. I think I tried to push on this specific cable yesterday w/o results, but with this TV is hard to do this and watch the screen )

Meanwhile, I added a couple more images in of this line in better resolution. (each image have 2 pieces of the same screen spot with a different background image to see changes in dynamic)

Thanks again for your help!!!


Ok. So I tested it by pushing on the connector which is going to an area with an issue. Is no reaction to it. I also added a video link. Maybe it gives some ideas.


Hi @antonybord ,

Can only think that you change the TCON board and check if it changes.

Still don't know why there would be so much black though, wondering if because as it is a Direct LED model TV if there is a problem with the LED backlight array in that area


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