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iPhone restarts when HOME button held down, power button unresponsive

I have a donated iPhone 6s, which after many replacement parts has been brought back from the dead (screen, button cable).

I have repaired hundreds of iPhones, and never met a problem that couldn’t be solved by replacing parts.

It works wonderfully, but there are two quirks that I am yet to work out:

  1. The power/sleep button is unresponsive, despite replacing the button cable.
  2. If the HOME button is held down the phone restarts, and sometimes goes into a boot loop.

I have:

  • Replaced the button cable

* reset it

  • wiped it
  • managed to get it into DFU mode (which baffles me, as I thought the power button didn’t work… maybe it works but doesn’t respond correctly?) and updated it

Anyone fancy making any suggestions? It is not HUGELY important, but I am curious as to what might have happened here!

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2 solutions

Have you tried using a original power button and not a cheap aftermarket one?

What happens if you unplug the power button does it reboot while holding the home button?

You might also have a bad fpc power button connector on the board!

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Hey there, yes, I always use original Apple parts.

Will try unplugging the power button, good suggestion…

I think the connector is the most likely cause- although no water indicators have been set off I am convinced there has been some kind of ingress- there is residue around the button connector…

Will get get back to you!

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