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Released May 23rd 2017, and is a HDR capable 4K monitor from Dell, in their UltraSharp lineup.

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The 4K display is broken and Dell support is no help

After 8 months of use, with a physical damage on my part the Dell U2718Q is broken. The warranty is for 12 months, but I accepted that it might not cover physical damages.

I asked for paid repair, paid replacement, and even about purchasing original device screen so that I can repair it myself - but Dell said no for all.

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Now, I’ve found this: but I’m not sure if I should go with this? Also, if I do grab this, then I cannot find a single disassembly instructions for U2718Q Dell monitor.

Can someone please help me with this?


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That looks like an okay part to use. I've written a decent-ish teardown you can reference.

Although with this being almost 3 years old now, you presumably have found another solution to this issue. Maybe someone else finds this useful though.

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I still have the display with me in the same condition. Thanks for checking and responding to this age-old matter; it helps a lot.

Can you pls share the link to the reference you've written?


Found it here Dell U2718Q Teardown

Thanks again!


@nozemi awesome teardown! It'll come in handy. If I could make one suggeestion. Is there any chance that somehwere you could post the particulars for the panel and/or the boards? It really helps when people are looking for a repair that they can also find the details of what may need to be replaced. Panels in particular. I know this one is a LM270WR5 (SS)(B1)


@oldturkey03 yeah, though post any feedback that is directly to do with my teardown on the teardown itself, makes it tidier :)

I will have to tear my monitor down again, so I will probably write a more detailed guide on replacing the driver board, which will also pretty much cover everything else, except things related to the panel itself. Unless you were to replace the whole panel assembly.


@nozemi the more Part numbers the better for those that are searching for it. Great job!


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The issue with displays (especially high-resolution displays) is the panel costs so close to a new display (relative to when it was new) it almost never makes sense to do so for anyone, manufacturer nor user.

This is probably based on an LG raw LCD based on Dell's panel history (Samsung budget, LG for high end IPS), especially if it is IPS. If you can get the part number on the back of the LCD then you can price it out but 95% of the time a bad LCD will total these out as a "BER" situation. However, most Dell LCDs (which are more recent then the CCFL silver/black series from the mid 2000's-~2010?) come apart from the back but you may need to unclip the bezel on some.

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Didn't even look at the Aliexpress link or the teardown. Called it on the panel manufacturer :-).

The Samsung panels also kind of erm... stink. Look at the 2007fbp and others from 2007; those had issues with gradients as Samsung struggles with 8-bit gradient blending, not an issue w/ LG. Samsung also focuses on OLED and QLED now, so we lost them anyway. Not much was lost since LG outdoes them anyway.


Assuming the AliExpress seller in his link is legit, that is an original panel. It shouldn't really be all that difficult to do the replacement of the panel.

However, I do agree that replacing a panel is pretty expensive. Though, buying this monitor brand new, even today (well, it's successor, which is almost identical, except with USB-C 65W PD), it'll be $700 or so.

Depending on where you live, I would look at finding a second hand monitor of the same model that for example doesn't turn on, but has a good condition panel. That way you potentially have more replacement parts as well.

Besides, it's a fun exercise if you like repairing your own equipment for fun. So if you don't mind spending the $200 including shipping it costs (according to that link), it would be a decent deal, even for an older monitor.

Also, this monitor was released spring 2017, so it's not really all that old either.


@nozemi That's usually the money saving play required that makes it work, sadly. Buying it new totals them out. The cost of the panel usually means I "EOL" monitors over this. I don't mess with them most of the time; too many of them are commodity TN/SVA FHD things I can buy from anyone for $150-200. I was very unimpressed with an Onn (Samsung?) offering with a IPS LCD with horrible v-sync.

Now if someone needed a panel and I was dumping a match (for a laptop, usually BIOS locked from HP/Lenovo; can't fix it w/o a motherboard), I may cut them a deal to get them a cheap panel. Don't expect it to be the norm is the only real catch when I cut a cheap deal for a device with the needed part and I know it works.


@nick yeah, that this not been a high end monitor, replacing the panel would probably be a waste of time and money. However, if you need a monitor up to par with this one, you may have a hard time finding a replacement for significantly cheaper than this one.

Though one problem with replacing the panel is the question "What breaks next time? and how soon?", which is a question that often tells me "oh well, better just buy a new monitor".

It also does matter where you live. I personally live in Norway, so I can get an RMA within 5 years, so all the more reason for me to just get a new monitor had it been past 5 years. Because importing let's say a panel at $150-200 will additionally add shipping and VAT (25%), so after 5+ years, there probably are more affordable options that are close to the same with my monitor.

Though personally I like this monitor for thin bezels, and I have another identical monitor, so might be more reason for me wanting to repair mine. I have a dead driver board in mine.


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