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Smartphone designed by Xiaomi in the Redmi Note line.

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No mobile connection after fall

The phone fell and it stopped having mobile connection. It does recognizes the SIM and it does have wifi without any problems. The only thing that doesnt work is that, the mobile service. When I try to search manually for networks it says “error when searching for network”. I tried a lot of things like messing with the mobile config or resetting factory settings.

The SIM works correctly, I have it in another phone and I have tried another SIM too, but same. I also tried the second SIM slot, but happens exactly the same, it recognizes it but no mobile connection.

What could be the problem?

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The antena cable seems to be correctly connected, its in its sockets. If it was incorrectly, wifi wouldnt work, right?

Unless there is another antenna cable. Im talking about the black one at the right side of the phone, which goes from the lower circuit board to the main borad.


Yes, the phone does recognize the sim with different operators but the network icon is not displaying but using wifi, I can browse only but no calls.


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Check if the antenna cable somehow got disconnected, it can happen.

Follow this video but only to where the back cover is removed:

Redmi Note 4 Only Glass (Touch screen) Replacement

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