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The RCA Cambio is a two-in-one Windows tablet produced by RCA.

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Can I upgrade my ram In the RCA Cambio W122C24T2

I just got this laptop and i want to know if i can upgrade the ram

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Well can larger chipsets for RAM and storage be changed out by soldering?


@Rachael Strange - Keep in mind the cost factor! The effort exceeds the devices value!

You would need to have access to the devices schematics to even see if the current RAM & Flash chip/s have a larger counterpart. Then the CPU logic needs to be able to support it and lastly the OS and Apps need to be able to use it.


@Dan thank you but that is exactly what I'm looking for. The reward here is not the expanded ability's of the device as much as I think I would enjoy the project. If you have any line on those schematics or chipsets I'd love to give this a go.


@Rachael Strange - Sorry I don't have access to the needed schematics or board view drawings I doubt they are available. Again, it will take a lot of effort to expand the device and from what I've located you won't be able to alter it that much depending on what you bought.

Referencing the CPU spec sheet Intel Atom Processor Z3735F we can see the CPU is limited to 2GB of RAM and the Flash storage is limited to 32 GB.


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These tablets are not expandable. Both the RAM & storage is soldered.

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