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The RCA Cambio is a two-in-one Windows tablet produced by RCA.

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Can I upgrade my ram In the RCA Cambio W122C24T2

I just got this laptop and i want to know if i can upgrade the ram

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Well can larger chipsets for RAM and storage be changed out by soldering?


@Rachael Strange - Keep in mind the cost factor! The effort exceeds the devices value!

You would need to have access to the devices schematics to even see if the current RAM & Flash chip/s have a larger counterpart. Then the CPU logic needs to be able to support it and lastly the OS and Apps need to be able to use it.


@Dan thank you but that is exactly what I'm looking for. The reward here is not the expanded ability's of the device as much as I think I would enjoy the project. If you have any line on those schematics or chipsets I'd love to give this a go.


@Rachael Strange - Sorry I don't have access to the needed schematics or board view drawings I doubt they are available. Again, it will take a lot of effort to expand the device and from what I've located you won't be able to alter it that much depending on what you bought.

Referencing the CPU spec sheet Intel Atom Processor Z3735F we can see the CPU is limited to 2GB of RAM and the Flash storage is limited to 32 GB.


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These tablets are not expandable. Both the RAM & storage is soldered.

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Actually it IS possible to add additional RAM to an RCA Cambio. However you will need a defective "donor" machine (for the two 1GB RAM chips). And SMC soldering skills (Surface Mounted Components). So you would have to decide if the purchase of a defective Cambio AND Desolder/Solder to mount them to the board is worth the effort. The Intel Atom processor can take up to 8GB RAM (architectural limit). And there are supposedly some models of the Cambio that do have 4GB RAM. Also, on the main motherboard, there are two empty RAM chip sockets for the 3rd and 4th GB. These were probably added for future models that never surfaced, or at least didn't surface in America.

I did the mod on mine just out of curiosity and while it did run a bit better, the biggest problem is that RCA cheaply loaded the Cambio with a 32bit copy of Windows 10 and RCA did not build a 64bit image that anyone can find. Experiments have had both varied, and with rather bizarre results. One user reportedly was able to load a 64bit Windows 10 image, but seemingly was unable to utilize the touch screen. Basically it became a low end PC and no longer a tablet. So, if you do want to tinker, just be warned the results might not be "predictable" and that the effort is not worth the cost as you can easily find 4GB and more tablets for a decent price.

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While this is technically true, the average person who is asking if a device is upgradable probably has zero smd experience and is more likely to break the device if attempted. Not to mention this device isn’t very valuable and the price to actually upgrade it would most likely exceed a whole new one.


but some of us really like the idea of getting into this and doing the upgrade Old Tinker suggests here... i'm looking into a junk one for $50...


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