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La ligne d'ordinateurs portables MacBook Pro a été conçue pour les utilisateurs professionnels. À ce jour, la gamme MacBook Pro inclut des versions 13, 15, 16 et 17 pouces avec des changements majeurs définies par les designs unibody, écran Retina et Touch Bar.

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change MacBook Pro cpu from core duo to core 2 duo

can it be done?

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The CPU is integrated into the logic board. The 1.83 iMacs can be upgraded as they have ziff sockets. If your doing this just for Lion we can get you to question where it's being tried. I'm trying myself both on straight Core Duo and CPU upgraded machines. There are problems and we're noting them. Read over this question for some of the things we've found so far: OS Lion is available for download

and this one: Will Macs upgraded to Core2Duo Processors work with Lion?

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say I have access to a hot air station and a BGA CPU, will swapping the CPU's actually work? I know that the socket is the same but the chipset might not play nice with a Core 2 Duo.


xlll37 if you have a laptop, a CPU exchange is not going to work. This requires a major hot air workstation and is way beyond even my ability. Most of the iMacs have socketed CPUs but not the laptops.


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