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The Lenovo Thinkpad X240, released in 2013, fairly light and compact, and looks familiar to the ThinkPad Line. The X240 is notable for its clunky touch pad.

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Left USB port recognises only 2.0 drives/devices

Left USB port recognises only 2.0 drives/devices despite being a 3.0 port , the right one is 3.0 to and recognises both

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Check in BIOS that the USB 3.0 mode has not been disabled.

Check that it is either set to enabled or auto.

To enter BIOS do the following:

Restart the computer. When the ThinkPad logo is displayed, press F1. The ThinkPad Setup program starts

When in BIOS go to Config > USB > USB 3.0 mode

Save your changes (if you have to enable) and then restart the laptop.

Here’s a link to the user guide for the laptop. Go to p.105 to view the USB 3.0 options in BIOS.

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It was in auto, I set it to enabled and it now works


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