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Boot Looping after firmware upgrade


I have an iPhone 7 Plus which didn’t have any known physical issues up to now. The other night I installed the latest Apple software on my phone and then straight after the attempted software update (big mistake!) my iPhone went into a continuous boot loop where the Apple logo is constantly displayed.

i took the phone to the Apple Store Genius Bar and as I guessed they were just following a set script in terms of the useless help they try to give customers. they advised I either update the software or restore the phone which wipes all content. Restore is not an option for me as my data is not backed up so after trying the update option and waiting 20 mins for it to complete, turns out it failed to

resolve the boot loop issue.

i took the phone to my local iPhone repair shop who

talked a lot more sense and they said I need to get the ic chip repaired but I wanted to check with any of you who have had the same issue if this is the correct thing to do?


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If you’re an Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus owner, there’s a new problem you should be aware of- “audio IC disease” (also known by some as “loop disease”). It’s a fault with the audio IC- or “audio chip”- that causes various symptoms including problems with audio during voice calls, Siri not hearing your voice, greyed out voice memos icon and a greyed out loudspeaker icon during calls.

(It should be made clear that this issue doesn’t affect all audio functionality. It’s quite common to have these problems with calls and Siri while (e.g.) you can still play an MP3 music file on your iPhone).

The phone also takes much longer than usual to boot.


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What IC chip are they talking about? I have seen IPhone 7 with the same symptoms caused by

·         Baseband IC

·         Baseband power management IC

·         Tristar IC

·         Tigris IC

·         NAND IC

·         Audio IC although the phone usually ends up booting after some time.

·         Problems with the battery. Dock or gas gauge lines

If you need your data I would find out more about what IC they are going to replace and what diagnosis they did to come to this conclusion.

Just replacing random chips brings more variables into the repair which can result in a deal breaker.

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Sometimes you just have to press and hold the power button and volume button and the loop disease is a board related fix so you would have to get it fixed by professionals

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Can be caused by the baseband IC. If the phone is not able to communicate with the apple server, the phone gets stuck trying to authenticate.

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