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Combining an elegant design, long battery life and performance that beats that of similarly priced notebooks, the IdeaPad 120s offers great value for the money. Coming out in 2017, following Lenovo's 110 series, Lenovo makes it easier than ever to have an enjoyable user experience

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Notebook doesn`t boot up without a charger plugged in


First of all, my notebook is the Lenovo 510s-13IKB, but I could not find that one in the selection.

I have a weird problem, where I can`t start my notebook anymore without the charger being plugged into it. I already tried to hard-reset it, took out the battery, held the start-button ec. Now normally if I start it up with the charger, boot into windows but then remove it, the notebook shuts down. But weirdly enough I noticed, that when I go into the boot-menu, bios or start up Ubuntu and then remove the charger, it does not shut down. Then again, if it goes to sleep or shuts down again I won`t be able to start it up again without the charger.

I`m out of ideas at this point, hoping for help.

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Hi @hawkisdead ,

As a first step I suggest that you check if the battery is charging properly when the charger is connected.

If not the battery may need replacing.

Here’s a link to the service manual for your model Ideapad.

Scroll to p.21-22 to view the procedures for checking the charging and the battery pack.

Scroll to p.35 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the battery pack.

On p.70 item #11 you’ll find the part numbers for all the batteries available for your particular model Ideapad. Searching online using the part number only will give results for suppliers of the part.

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I checked things mentioned in the service manual, the battery charges like it's supposed to. I can still remove the charger after I've been in the boot menu, and even restart it via Windows/Ubuntu options. It just doesn't start up initially without the charger.


Hi @hawkisdead ,

Just a different tack.

Try starting the laptop using a standalone program on a bootable USB stick e.g. this one. You'll have to change the boot menu of course so you may have to try it a few times to get the scenario where you made it fail before, i.e. turn off the power after you've been in BIOS and it has started etc. and then see if it fails or not

I'm not suggesting that it is a memory problem by using the program above.

All I'm proposing is that you try to start the laptop without resorting to using the OS installed on the HDD. Perhaps even consider disconnecting the HDD

Other than that perhaps you may have to change the battery just to definitely eliminate it as the problem. Strange things can happen when you have power problems


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