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The Dyson DC44 Animal is a cordless vacuum from Dyson specializing in removing animal hair from household surfaces. Model number: DC44 Digital Slim MK2.

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brush Head not turning

The brush head on my dyson is not spinning. No blockage or tangles. Think it’s the motor. Is this repairable?

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With the brush head removed from the vacuum cleaner, do you get sufficient suction at the end of the rod that it attaches to?

Is the battery fully charged?

Is the filter clean?


Does anyone know where to get a replacement motor?


For parts from my experience eBay is 9/10 the best place


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If the suction is ok, its probably due to hair being caught under the motorised head rotator.

  1. Take out the brush
  2. With a hexagonal screw driver head, not sure what size to be honest, remove the screw from the center of the rotator.
  3. Lever out the rotator.

# Use a pair of tweezers to remove any hair, you’ll be surprised as to how much there is.

  1. You may have to add a little grease
  2. Replace rotator, tighten up screw. Ensure it can turn manually.
  3. Test by attaching to battery and pulling trigger.

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I have this problem but the brush is clear. It appears the power for the little electric motor is not being sent by the main unit down the two pins. How do I get inside to see why power isn’t getting through?


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