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Touch ID won't work, iPhone 5s screen on iPhone SE, original SE home b

Hey guys,

I have fixed a lot of iPhones myself without ever damaging anything, so its more a technical question.

situation: broken iPhone SE screen. Replaced it with an original 5s display, kept the original iPhone SE home button.

problem: Touch ID won’t work, even after resetting the SE; display is working fine; home button is working, too.

question: Assuming I didn’t break any cables etc., do I have to transplant anything else (like the metal plate of the display) to make Touch ID work again on my SE with 5s screen? Is it even possible to activate Touch ID with an “older” 5s screen/display?

Thanks in advance.

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While the displays are identical from what I’ve read, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try another SE screen. The original ones are very cheap now. I believe they average $15.

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