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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 3 (A1599). Annoncé le 16 octobre 2014, l'iPad Mini 3 est le successeur de l'iPad Mini Retina (maintenant appelé iPad mini 2).

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Front panel won’t close flash at digitizer ribbon cable area

Can’t complete front panel replacement. Home button & digitizer ribbon cables won’t let me close front panel against chassis. Any suggestions how to place those ribbon cables so they are not on the way?

Block Image

Block Image

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Make sense. You can tell how bended original cables was. I’ll try to fit them underneath chassis empty space.


Yeah it’s really tricky. Just to be safe I used heat gun to make ribbon cables more flexible and accurately fit cables underneath chassis and digitizer fit perfectly in place .


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Is it the Touch Screen flex cable that is on the way preventing to proper assembly?

If yes, they go “hidden” behind the LCD and a little part goes hidden “inside” the chassis.

Is tricky and very hard to explain in words how to do it. I would recommend to look up for some videos “iPad Mini 3 Screen Replacement” and attention to details, this is the most important one.

Good luck!

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