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Repair guides for the Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) game controller. The controller was released by Saitek.

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Saitek X52 Pro Throttle problem


I just bought an X52 pro and when I pull back on the throttle the speed in the game increases and when I push it forward it slows down. Is this a fault with the throttle control or a software problem?

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Where users find an axis has the exact opposite effect to what is required - such as the one you describe, go into the game/simulator settings/controls/assignments (if this category exists in the game you're playing) and then select [Reverse] against the axis in question.

This can any of the four dimensions:

1; Pitch

2; Roll/bank

3; Yaw/rudder

4; Throttle

The same goes for any rotary dials or sliders for fuel mixture, zoom view etc.

If the axis is fine with some/other games or aircraft, then your modified reversal is best saved as a different profile and so can be loaded only when needed. This is a convenient way when lots of bindings/assignments different between aircraft models/types.


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You have probably fixed this by now but the problem won’t be the joystick. The joystick sends information to the game as x, y, z values (which the game knows how to read and what axis they come from and then in the game configuration settings, the settings chosen pass the axis values to the function specified, i.e throttle, left, right, up, down, sideways or whatever the game offers you in its choice field. Check your game settings and see what each axis is matched/linked/set to. Good luck to anyone else who reads this answer.

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