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Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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Can iMac late 2013 work with a 4tb ssd?

my question is this: does any of you knows of any hardware/firmware/software limitation of this imac that will prevent it from operating with a 4tb ssd installed? has anyone here successfully made such a replacement?

i currently have a 3tb fusion drive installed in my late 2013 imac, and it’s almost full. the drive has started failing, forcing me to restore from backups, twice this year. naturally, i have been studying the hard drive replacement/upgrade instructions. i would prefer an ssd, but i have a lot of data (photos) which i would rather not offload to an external drive. the ifixit upgrade kit optionally comes with ssds ,but only up to 2tb. elsewhere, i have seen 4tb ssds that are within my budget.

a staff member in my neighborhood apple store said that the reason apple does not ship imacs with ssds larger than 2tb is that the connection bus only allows up to 2 tb. that makes no sense to me. (i think the price of 4tb ssd was simply too high when apple made the specs.) but it did leave me uncertain.

all the best

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Please gives us links to the sticks you are looking at.


I would recommend just breaking the Fusion Drive following this guide Split Your Fusion Drive Apart

Then replace your SSD & HDD with a bigger faster drives. The best HDD drive for most people is a Seagate FireCuda 2TB drive

The largest PCIe/AHCI blade SSD drive you can install is this one 1 TB AHCI/PCIe x2 SSD but this is due to the limitation of the older PCIe interface this series uses.

Setup your blade drive as the boot drive and holds your apps. Leave the rest empty and use your SSHD to hold your data.


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Ha! Tell your Apple Store friend to do a bit of reading! The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs & Volume size limits under HFS and HFS+ & Hitting the limits of APFS is both easy and confusing

First the PCIe/NVMe interface does not limit the size of the drive only the physical limit of the blade holds it back. So far Apple or even M.2 blade SSD’s are both limited presently to 4 TB due to the physical limits of the chips that fit on the blade drive. There is an extended version used in servers which offers 7.6 TB of storage for $1400! These are too big for PC’s. I’m sure larger drives will be coming out in the future but there is a limit of return! These larger drives won’t be cheap and how many people need this depth of storage? Not many, at least not now, maybe in the future.

The SATA interface offers a much larger physical space so larger drives are possible! Just looking at HDD’s the largest is a Western Digital 3.5” 15 TB and the largest 2.5” SSD is a Samsung 30 TB both are server drives.

So the size of the drive has to do with three factors the physical dimensions of the drive, the file system (HFS+ Vs APFS) and lastly, the amount of power and cooling the drive requires.

The largest drive config I’ve setup is a 2 TB custom Apple SSPOLARIS PCIe/NVMe drive (bought with it) adding a 8 TB 3.5” HDD for an independent film/video editor in a 2018 27” 5K iMac.

Most video setups I’ve done are based on the iMac Pro using an external RAID drive as most what to have more portable storage.

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