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A programmable brewing machine by Keurig. This coffee maker uses K-Cup Pods and K-Carafe Pods to brew a variety of hot and cold drinks. Model Number: K2.0-400 Serial Number: 401.0200.1410931

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What is this tiny silicon rubber part?

I was cleaning my K400 this morning and pulled out the pod holder and the tray below that. This part was in the tray (pen shown for scale). I would guess it goes over one of the needles? Which way is up?

Block Image

Block Image

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Kevin Hollingshead  appears to be the seal around the puncture needle. Take a look on here Comment ouvrir et nettoyer la machine à café Keurig at Step 2. Different model same idea.

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Thanks, Mr. O, but the bottom needle seems to be too short. But thanks for the indirect tip to find cleaning vids/guides. Keurigs parts support sucks. A nice exploded view would help.

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