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Released in 2015, this laptop can be identified by the model number ba0709dx. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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replace keyboard on hp laptop

I am looking to replace the keyboard in my hp 15-db0019au laptop. can anyone help please?

I can’t find this specific laptop here

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The keyboard in your laptop is part of the top cover assembly and you’ll have to completely dis-assemble the laptop to get to it.

Here’s a link to the Maintenance and service guide for your laptop, taken from this webpage.

The manual details how to dis-assemble the laptop.

On p.76 you’ll find the the part numbers and the country specific part number suffix (if required) for the top cover/ keyboard assembly.

If you search online using the appropriate to your model variant part number (and country suffix if required) only in the search term of your browser you’ll get results for suppliers of the part.

Usually the part number is printed somewhere on the underside of the assembly if you wish to verify that you are ordering the correct part.

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wow! There's a lot of parts that need removing


will i need to put more thermal material on?



Check how "dry" it looks.

If it seems crusty and flakes off if you gently pry with a fingernail, clean it all off and refresh it.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to do this on a CPU or go to p.57 onwards in the manual to see how.


Thankyou so much


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