Dell 7275 LA-C321P Short to ground on power rail

Dell 7275 LA-C321P Short to ground on power rail, The 4 caps in the image are short to ground and i dont know where they go as dont have a schem can anyone help? Everything else tested fine around the area.

Block Image

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@zerocool278 what make/model number do you find on the motherboard. without that it'll be very difficult to determine if there are any schematics available.


Hi @zerocool278 ,

Usually filter capacitors "on the same power rail" are all connected to earth.

If one is short circuit it will show up the other three as being short circuit as well if you measure across them while "in circuit" i.e. earth on both sides.

Try removing one capacitor at a time and measure the capacitor out of circuit to see if it is short circuit or not or if the short is still there on the others


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