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Repair information for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, an electronic doorbell with video playback and two-way talk. Released in April 2016 with model number 88LP000CH000.

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Doorbell button stopped working after 1 week

I installed the RING DOORBELL Pro. It didn’t work so after investigating the problem I had to install a new Wired Door Bell Transformer in my attic. Wala ! It worked for a week. After a week my doorbell stopped working. After extensive research I learned that my doorbell works fine. It’s the doorbell switch that stopped working. I called customer service and the warranty has expired. I did enjoy it for one week. Now unless I pay something like $70.00 I’m stuck with a broken RING DOORBELL Pro. Not happy at all. Any positive suggestions or help would greatly appreciated.

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Hi ,

How long did you say that you had the Ring doorbell?

According to the warranty it is 12 months.

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