Is there a Way to Fix a short on a laptop Mainboard

I have Dell latitude E7440 wich has a short on its mainboard. my google research has shown that quite a few people have this issue. can someone maybe give some tipps and tricks how to exactly identify the short, where to get replacement parts. (there is no visible damage[burnt fuse, blown capacitor or else]). or even better if someone has succesfully repaird this device please let me know how.

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"Short on a mainboard" does not describe the problem very much.

The best way to find board level problem is to try and get the schematics of the motherboard.

Try searching online using the "board number" of the motherboard in the search term to try and find a copy of the schematic diagrams for the motherboard.

Without this it will be very difficult to find a board level problem. You will have to start removing components from the board to try and isolate where the problem is, which means knowing how the circuit is wired and what components you need to concentrate on etc

Just because the symptoms are the same with other people doesn't necessarily mean that the cause is the same in all cases.

Hopefully it is but in electronics it doesn't have to be


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